Why You Should Eat Oranges In The Shower

You get to fight scurvy, decrease stress and have a bit of aromatherapy before you rinse off.



‘Wet Orange’ by Mahomathome

I’ve added a new step to my studying routine this midterm season, After a long study session, I take a delectably chilled orange from my fridge drawer, hop into the shower, and rip into it like a neanderthal.

This may seem like a bizarre and unnecessary step. But, anytime I am going through a personally stressful period in my life, I always reach for an orange. Several benefits that come with consuming citrus in the shower.

On the Shower Orange Reddit, a community dedicated to spreading awareness of the phenomenon, one user was alarmed to discover that partakers were not exaggerating. “I came out of the shower and my wife said I looked like an upbeat new person! Said I had a glow in my eye,” they wrote.

The rush of adrenaline that comes with ripping into the orange allows consumers the ability to act out their pent up emotions. It is akin to going to smash therapy or buying a stress ball, except it only costs .69 at Publix.

The smell of oranges has also been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

Oranges also calm upset stomachs, which is a known symptom of stress.

Overall, eating oranges in the shower increases one’s mood and leaves one feeling ready to take on the world. So, in preparation for a week of late nights and flashcards, consider picking up a bag of oranges.