Spotlight on Sarah Lee


Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee, a senior Theater Performance student enrolled in the Honors College at Armstrong, has made incredible strides in her time here.

Lee started at Georgia Southern in 2018 and has remained here for the duration of her undergraduate career.

Over the course of her four years here: she has become president of Alpha Psi Omega, the collegiate National Theatre Honor Society, a member of the student Masquers Theatre Troupe and has solely directed a production of Lauren Gunderson’s I and You, all while maintaining her classes and a nearly full-time job.

It’s safe to say that theater has been a vital part of Lee’s life. Through the program here, Lee has gained many lessons that can be applied to her life outside of campus.

“My biggest takeaway from this theater program is learning to be a teamplayer and realizing that you can’t do everything. You need to ask for help, because if you try to do everything on your own, it’s not going to be as successful.”

Last semester, Lee directed a production of I and You by Lauren Gunderson.

“Directing has been my favorite experience. I’ve never worked harder on anything than I worked on this, but me and my cast were rewarded greatly. It was a very successful show and I’m very thankful for it.”

At any given moment, Lee is on the go and juggling many things. Between balancing her everyday requirements as a student, her ongoing thesis requirement for the Honors College, her leadership role in APO, starring or directing in shows and her job, life can seem overwhelming.

Lee provided insight on how she manages to keep all of these things balanced with her personal time.

“My advice for students who have probably more on their plate than they should is to really work on your time management. Take time for yourself. You will have to work harder and more, but you still need to give yourself an hour or two if you can throughout the day to do something you enjoy that’s not work.”

Lee graduates in May and her future career plans currently include getting into the film industry as a production assistant in Savannah and eventually Atlanta.

Lee plans to maintain her love for theater in the future as a performer in community theater and off-broadway productions.

Sarah Lee is currently starring as Frieda in Carrie the Musical, opening April 7th on the Jenkins Hall mainstage.