A New Meaning to Mamma Mia



Image pulled from Google photos under the creative commons license

The Savannah Theatre has brought a new meaning to the phrase “Mamma Mia.”

For the past month, the historic Savannah Theatre has brought back its production of Mamma Mia.

The classic jukebox musical is based on original songs by ABBA and follows the journey of main character Sophie as she attempts to discover the true identity of her father.

After a very successful run, Mamma Mia had its final performance on March 26th.

I attended the March 25th performance and to say that the audience was packed is an understatement. The crowd was filled with locals and tourists wanting to see the classic story brought to the stage.

In a very general sense, I thought the production was excellent, but there were a few negative factors I noticed during the show.

For starters, tickets to the show ranged from $25 (for attendees under 17) to $50 (for attendees over 17) with discounts available for students, veterans and active military members. Being a student, my ticket price went down from $50 to $25.

While a fifty percent student discount is very generous and understandable for a ticket to a show of this scale, I think that it is still pricey for a student, especially when you have to factor in the parking fee that comes with downtown Savannah.

The Savannah Theatre placed ushers at each entrance to direct people to their assigned seats, but personally, I was disappointed to see that the ushers were not easily accessible and attentive to audience members.

The production itself had a lot of strong actors and singers, all of whom seemed to know the run of the show very well and brought a lot of energy to the stage. So I think it’s safe to say, they created a very fun environment for the audience.

However, something was noticeably off about the music track, and there were inconsistencies with the instrumentals under the singers. Some songs played a simple backing and allowed the performers to carry the song while others included the lyrics from the specific recording used.

All of this isn’t to say that the production or even my experience attending was bad, because it wasn’t. The show was energetic, exciting and created a fun outing. Overall, even with the few negatives, this production made me excited for what’s to come next for the Savannah Theater.