A Look at Armstrong Campus’ Efforts to Improve Housing

A Look at Armstrong Campus Efforts to Improve Housing

The George-Anne Inkwell recently took on the task of informing students about the positive aspects of campus housing.

We reached out to Peter Blutriech, the executive housing director, to gather information. He informed us of some of the changes within the last five years on Armstrong Campus Housing.

Here are a few that he informed us of:
“Painted Exterior of all Buildings
Interior Paint
Clubhouse Renovation
HVAC Replacement
Appliances Replacement
Awning Replacement
Breezeway Lighting to LED
Roof Replacement – Bldg 1000, 2000, 5000, 8000
Clubhouse Roof Replacement
Building 2000 LVT (Vinyl Plank Flooring)
Exterior Door Paint
Building 3000 LVT (Vinyl Plank Flooring)
Replaced Gutters and Downspouts
Sub-Floor Repair – Building 4000”
He also informed us of a few improvements and repairs that will happen over the summer:
“Roof for the 3000 building
Couches to be replaced
Adding Deadbolt Locks for all Entry Doors”
We further questioned what methods they put into place to keep Armstrong housing on par with Statesboro housing.
“Georgia Southern works closely with our facilities team at both campuses to address every issue and work order to ensure that our students’ needs are met, and the facilities are well maintained and safe. Along these lines, to make sure students’ concerns are reflected and addressed, Georgia Southern conducts an annual student satisfaction survey with all of the residential students.”
We have indeed uncovered issues with student housing, but we also want to recognize their actions and are taking to improve it for students.