We Don’t Know who Lives in the University Terrace Apartments

We Dont Know who Lives in the University Terrace Apartments

The George-Anne Inkwell recently sent several questions to the Georgia Southern Housing Department regarding the quality and standard of living on the Armstrong Campus. These questions covered a wide range of subjects related to Armstrong housing.

One of the most concerning answers was the nature of University Terrace and its relationship with the Armstrong Campus.

The inquiry began when Inkwell heard rumors that non-students lived in student housing. When we asked the housing department if this was true, the department explained that while this was not officially the case, the claims were not far off.

The Inkwell asked the department:

“Is there public housing adjacent to the school housing on the Armstrong campus? If so, how does Georgia Southern select and screen potential residents?”

The Housing Department responded:

“Georgia Southern does not have role or responsibility for off-campus housing. But Georgia Southern works to communicate with the appropriate authority any issues with any area that impacts the on-campus residential student population.”

To seek clarification on this statement, the Inkwell asked a follow-up question directly to Executive Housing Director Peter Blutreich:

“To you and your department’s knowledge, are there non-students living on the Armstrong Campus, whether that’s in student housing, buildings formerly used for student housing, or any buildings owned by Georgia Southern?”

Mr. Blutreich clarified the department’s answer thusly:

“Georgia Southern provides housing for currently enrolled Georgia Southern students and, from time to time, may provide housing to other currently enrolled students from the surrounding area colleges and universities. Georgia Southern also provides housing to current Georgia Southern faculty and staff. During the summer, Georgia Southern hosts camps and conferences in on-campus housing, and college students complete internships for local businesses in the area.

“The current housing inventory for Georgia Southern at the Armstrong Campus is University Crossings, Compass Point and Windward Commons. Terrace Apartments I and II were leased by the Board of Regents for use by Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus through June 30, 2021, but Georgia Southern does not own Terrace Apartments land or buildings. Since July 1, 2021, Georgia Southern has no affiliation with this privately owned facility.”

Blutreich’s answer confirms a precedent established that non-Armstrong students can live on the Armstrong campus under specific conditions but does not confirm if that is currently the case. This, combined with the previous answer, suggests that to live in certified student housing, one must be a student or university affiliate, whether through Georgia Southern or another local college or university.

The other issue worth pointing out is that of Terrace Apartments I and II. As Blutreich states, the university does not own these apartments. Therefore anybody can live in them. Rental listings can be found on sites such as apartments.com.

This apartment complex is directly next door to University Crossings. Georgia Southern appears to have no knowledge of the background checks required to move into these apartments so close to student housing.

Armstrong students, especially those living in University Crossings, should be aware of their surroundings. There is nothing preventing crossover between those living in University Terrace and the Armstrong Campus, and these buildings can be very easily mistaken for official student housing.

Georgia Southern should make every effort to inform students of this housing distinction to keep students as safe as possible and have access to information on every resident living in University Terrace, considering its proximity and accessibility.

For more information on housing on the Armstrong Campus, visit the Housing Department’s website or call them at (912) 478-5406.