The Armstrong Charm

The Armstrong Charm

It’s no secret that Georgia Southern Armstrong wasn’t always like this. Here’s a run-down of the history of the campus so you get a feel for what exactly makes Armstrong unique.

Armstrong Junior College was first founded in 1935 by former Savannah mayor Thomas Gamble. The campus was originally located in downtown Savannah and didn’t move to the location it’s in today until 1966.

On the academic side, Armstrong became part of the University System of Georgia in 1959, was accredited as a community college and gained state university status in 1996, and Armstrong then became Armstrong Atlantic State University.

The school stayed that way until 2014 when, in an effort to decrease confusion and make the university’s brand stronger, the school then became known as Armstrong State University.

Now onto the merger with Georgia Southern. Armstrong first merged with Georgia Southern University in 2017 as part of a deal with the University System of Georgia to consolidate regional schools with more well-known universities in the state.

Former students and alumni have mixed opinions about the merger, even five years later. Being from Savannah, I remember when the merger took place. I was devastated when I saw the campus sign officially change and Georgia Southern flags were added to the lamp posts around the campus.

As a current student here, academically, I stay because of the Georgia Southern side of it all–but when it comes to campus life? I stay because of the Armstrong charm.