Friends and Fitness on Armstrong


The consolidation of Georgia Southern and Armstrong left many students and Savannah residents with a bad taste in their mouth. With sports being taken away, a miniscule Greek life and fewer traditional college extracurriculars outsiders may think that we are lacking in the “fun” department.

Contrary to these beliefs, the Armstrong campus offers various intramural sports, fitness classes and sports clubs. You can find an online catalog of some of these programs by visiting the IMLeagues page and finding the Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus portal.

Here you are guaranteed to find something that piques your interest; whether you are looking for an activity for that day or a sport to continuously practice, you’re covered. This week for example, you can register to attend and compete in the cornhole and ping pong tournaments.

If you are searching for something slower-paced, check out the power flow yoga class that was very popular among students.

“My favorite class is the abs and assets course that is offered twice a week in the gym. The energy is electric as myself and my peers are able to bond together over trying to better ourselves,” said RA Anthony Crimley.

The purpose of these programs is to help students take the necessary breaks from their classes, to enjoy activities with their peers and focus on other important aspects of life such as physical and mental wellbeing.

Most of these programs are included and paid for with student tuition, so you already have access to all of the facilities free of charge which any college student can agree is a good thing. To learn more about all the extracurricular activities here on campus visit the Campus Recreation & Intramurals page.