Relax Your Brain

The Best Place to Relax on Campus


Nourish your mind and body at the grand opening of the Brain Booth with pizza hosted by lane library Friday, September 1 from 12 pm – 2 pm.

As part of an effort to support and bring attention to the entire student experience, meditation and relaxation hubs are among the newest additions to Georgia Southern’s growing campuses.

Armstrong’s Brain Booth offers stations like a massage chair, sound and light therapy, virtual reality coloring and more, designed to provide brain breaks that reduce stress and optimize learning.

The Brain Booth is free to students and faculty with drop-in hours on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 12:30-4:30 pm. Outside of drop-in hours, all the equipment is available from the Checkout Desk on the first floor.

Stemming from ancient eastern philosophy, mindfulness is the practice of becoming present in the body, aware of thoughts and fully engaged with reality. In recent years there has been an upward trend in westerners practicing techniques to connect the body and mind.

While effects of mindfulness are still being studied in academic settings, thanks to projects like the Brain Booth. According to the American Psychological Association, research is pointing to benefits such as boosts to working memory, focus and cognitive flexibility.

Being mindful doesn’t have to stop on campus. Here are some ways to practice mindfulness outside of the brain booth:

  • Breath control – breathing in for 3 to 5 counts into your belly hold for 3 counts exhale for 3 – 5 counts and hold for 3 repeat until relaxed
  • Bodyscans – starting at your head go down your body and take note of how each part of you feels in the moment. Where are you holding tension?
  • Bring yourself back to reality – notice how each of your senses is engaged
  • Stop and smell the roses – during day-to-day tasks take a second to note something you appreciate about the experience big or small