Upstairs in the Student Union

Students, a lot goes on behind the scenes that we don’t often see. A few organizations work hard to bring us all sorts of events and involvement opportunities on campus, including the “Sculpt It” canned food drive, all aspects of Greek Life, and so much more on campus.

The Office of Student Activities recently held an open house to bring awareness to a few of the organizations that plan these events.

There is now a collective space called the Student Involvement Suite that hosts the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Leadership and Community Engagement and the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

The offices are a combination of student and staff workers, and they are open to students seeking information about campus life.

I asked the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Paul Bradley Jr., about the purpose of the office, and he responded, “Our goal is to make sure we are connecting students with organizations, first-year students primarily, and to heighten student traditions.”

Candace McCray, the Assistant Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life, reminded me that Fall recruitment begins on Wednesday this week.

Another event fast approaching is Celebrate. While these offices are not responsible for hosting it, OSA has said to be on the lookout for information on Celebrate Spirit Week.

The open house allowed students to engage with some of the office staff members and learn about what they do. The suite is an excellent source of information for student involvement, and it is highly recommended that you stop by to learn about what’s happening.

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