A Day at the Farmers Market

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Not even the scorching heat could keep vendors away as Armstrongs’ semi-annual Farmers Market returned to the residential plaza.

The market lasted from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m and the location was very accommodating, as students that were not aware of the market stumbled upon these tents on their way to class and were able to browse through the products.

“Since it is such a small market, I can’t have competing vendors because otherwise, no one will make money. I have to be selective and make sure there is something of everything,” said Fitness and wellness coordinator Leigh Jackson.

Jackson believes the market is continuously successful because of the affordability, quality and variety that is offered. With just over two dozen vendors, students started to pile in more frequently, causing businesses to be busy for the most part.

Last year’s most popular booth “Glitterboxx studios” was gearing up for an exciting day as I was able to catch up with owner Alyson Harris who had this to say. “We offer all-natural henna and jagua and have been in business for over fifteen years. We come to all the events here at Georgia Southern as we find it a win-win for everyone involved. We do face and body paintings as well and will be at the upcoming Glowchella and Celebrate together events!”

Another tradition that was recently implemented is the live music associated with the event that caused a big turnout. 5 performers showcased their skills to the campus causing an abundance of energy to spark and spread like wildfire.

“What I try and do is find faculty, staff, and mainly students who play or hope to play live music, and allow them to get out in front of people and perform,” said Associate Director, Recreation & Wellness Jason Salzer

“My sole goal is to get myself to the point where I am comfortable enough to be able to perform in front of people. I think this is a great opportunity for any students that wants to be noticed,” said Musician Wesley Mckee.

To ensure you won’t miss next semesters farmers market, visit the Georgia Southern events calendar.