Hurricane Prep for Staying in Savannah


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According to weather reports from WTOC, Hurricane Ian is expected to impact Savannah towards the end of the week.

The last time Savannah received any fallout from a hurricane was in 2017 with Hurricane Irma.

Understandably, a lot of us were not in Savannah for that hurricane, so we might not know how to prepare for this one if it does hit us.

Here are some general things that you might need to do to prepare for Hurricane Ian.

  • Prepare an emergency food and water supply.
    A pack of bottled water and non-perishable foods usually suffice. The CDC recommends keeping foods that are not very salty or spicy because those increase the need for water.
  • Prepare backup power sources.
    In the event of a hurricane, it isn’t uncommon for our usual power sources to go out. Many apartment buildings also will not allow you to utilize a generator so other sources of power are necessary. Make sure that you have flashlights and extra batteries on hand just in case.
  • If available, move your car(s) into a garage or sheltered area.
    This will ensure that no damage will be done to your vehicles in the case of heavy wind or rain. You’ll also want to make sure to clear your yard or porch of any chairs or other items for these same reasons.
  • Stay updated with live updates.
    This is the best way to stay informed of where the hurricane could be heading. Good resources for this include CNN, The New York Times, and the National Hurricane Center.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to prepare for Hurricane Ian.

Stay in the know with weather updates as well as updates from the university.