BCM Provides Free Lunch for Students

The Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministries, or BCM, provides many opportunities for campus engagement for students to come together and be a part of a community.

“Lunch Break” is one event in particular that the BCM hosts to bring students together and relieve class stress. Students are invited to stop by and either pick up a free lunch to go to or stay and eat lunch there with other students. This event is hosted every Wednesday during the school year from 12 -1 pm.

These lunches are provided by multiple different churches throughout the Savannah area, and the BCM hosts the lunches at the BCM center: 12033 Abercorn Street, which is near the Armstrong Center.

The BCM also hosts “The Bridge” every Monday at 7 pm in the same location. Their flier says it is a night of “worship and Bible study.”

I asked Daphne Youngblood, the Volunteer Campus Missionary, what she wanted students to know about BCM. She said, ‘BCM has always been, and will continue to be, a place to gather, find encouragement weekly and develop friendships that will last well beyond your college years.”

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