Faces of Armstrong: Jacob Notermann


A primary goal of Faces of Armstrong is to introduce the Armstrong community to each other. It allows us to learn more about someone we may not have previously known or paid attention to on campus.

For this reason, Jacob Notermann, a University Communication Specialist, felt like the perfect subject. To break down his job in Jacob’s words, “My job is to make the university and people on it famous.”

If you have attended any university event, from Celebrate Together to the free coffee cart, there is a high probability that you have seen Jacob around taking pictures, and Jacob would like to note that he is “not the weird guy taking pictures [he is] doing it for university purposes.”

“I talk to students and professors about cool stuff they’re doing, the research they’re conducting, I try to make it English as best I can and then, we’ll try to push it out to news stations to try to get them to come on campus and do some news coverage with us.”

Jacob took a humble approach to his role on campus.

“In my job, it’s not necessarily my place to add or subtract to it [campus life], but rather try to show everybody else the amazing things that are already happening. I’m not the one doing the research. I’m not the one organizing events.”

When asked about Jacob’s feelings toward working on Armstrong and occasionally the Statesboro campus, his response reflected warmth and appreciation.

“My favorite part about working on Armstrong… It’s cliché to say the people, but it is absolutely the people, and it’s not just because everyone here is lovely to work with and there’s always smiles and happiness going on… I’m very fortunate to where the people I work with are very open-minded.”

Recently, Jacob, along with other Georgia Southern staff, have launched a podcast series called Eagle Eye View which focuses on Georgia Southern topics and is available on Spotify and most larger streaming services.

Jacob is coming up on his first full year of working for Georgia Southern, and I am excited to see what else he will bring to the table.

If you see him around, make sure to smile for the camera.

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