(Op-Ed) Halloween is a Scam!


Halloween spending is expected to exceed $9 billion . With more than 205 million people planning on celebrating the holiday this year, that equates to an average expense of $43.90 per person.

Consumers will buy candy, decorations, costumes, and even greeting cards. Candy is marked up an astounding 40% in the month of October. The majority of candy that remains unsold will be marked down tremendously the week after Halloween.

Now if you are a consumer like me, you absolutely live for the sales.

52 percent of Halloween celebrants will purchase and carve pumpkins. While many farms allow you to “pick your own” pumpkins, large retailers also have them available for purchase at a vastly higher price. This time of year, pumpkin spice is used for everything from lattes and beer to bread and muffins.

Halloween costumes are shipped in late summer, and retailers can’t necessarily capture late-breaking trends in a cost-effective way. Spirit Halloween, one of the country’s largest Halloween specialty stores, manages to make a year’s worth of profit in just over a month of being open.

The result of this affects the supply chain as more raw materials need to be produced, more candy needs to be manufactured, and if the chain gets disrupted this causes major problems.

You may notice going into stores that the costumes and decorations are gone even before the Holiday has even started. But who’s to blame.

Even without the pandemic, there’s always the stress of getting the right amount and types of Halloween miscellaneous without overdoing it.

Are you ready to spend an abundant amount of money all for one day?