Intramurals Coming To Armstrong

In the former world of Zoom, few are seeking an increase in blue light computer time after returning to “their old lives” which has led to intramurals coming back with a new goal of creating unity.

To kick off the semester, the university has offered an abundance of different types of sports, such as 5 v 5 basketball, dodgeball, as well as a glow disc golf tournament. Seasons are roughly three weeks long and consist of playoffs and a championship bout.

Since the pandemic, intramural participation has risen by almost 40 percent, creating a competitive and entertaining environment for each and every game. In recent semesters, the soccer club has taken away the gold time after time and

“Our Intramural Sports program is dedicated to providing students, faculty, & full-time staff the opportunity to become actively involved in an organized sports & recreation program with zero athletic experience needed,”

Director for Intramural and Sports Clubs, Megan Feasel is responsible for most intramural sports on campus and says that all currently enrolled GSU students that have paid the Student Activity Fee are eligible for Intramural competition.

GSU started using IMLeagues software in 2019, which consists of communication with team participants. It has also added some bells and whistles, giving students their own profiles online, complete with statistics for each season and summaries of their entire Armstrong intramural experience.

“When I was a freshman back when Fred and Wilma Flintstone were in high school, I tried to do every intramural sport that I could fit in my schedule, I always knew college was going to end one day and I never wanted to have any regrets on what I could have done,” said associate professor Dean Sterling.

For registration, schedules, and eligibility requirements visit Intramural Sports | Georgia Southern University.