Open Mic Night

The University Programming Board hosted an  open mic night in the student union ballroom filled with talent, snacks, and prizes.

Poems were read, songs were sung, and karaoke lit up the floor as six performers showed off their various talents.

“It was my goal to myself this year to get up and show off my skills, after my break up I wanted to make a song that came straight from the heart and I did just that,” said first-place winner Javanna Rogers.

Open mic night is the latest in a series of opportunities for students to perform in front of their peers in hopes of getting their name out there in some sort of fashion.

UPB plans to make open mic night an annual event due to the increased attendance since the pandemic. “We challenge anyone with any sort of theatrical talent to come down and showcase your talent on a relatively big stage, everyone’s nervous the first time they do anything so why not give it a try,” said event host Aeriana Lowe.

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