The Savannah Black Heritage Experience

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From museums to monuments, in the heart of Savannah lies a variety of black history and excellence.

The Savannah Black Heritage Experience is a three-day event that takes visitors to see the black history and heritage around the downtown area. There are monuments, statues, museums and much more.

The Black Heritage Experience is spread in the form of Savannah monuments, famous African American homes and slave quarters.Downtown Savannah is home to the first African Black Church, Owens-Thomas house and his slave quarters.

The Savannah African art museum is home to over 1000 objects from West and Central Africa that displays over 130 cultures.

“I have visited the Savannah art museum and I had a great experience. The thing that I liked most about the museum is that you are able to take pictures and that every guest is welcomed by the staff,” said Jason Mcneal a Savannah State student.

Dating back to the 1890s, the King Tisdell cottage has served as the main cultural museum for African American arts. The cottage acted as one of the first schools for freed slaves and is a staple for African American heritage in downtown Savannah.

The “main” attraction to visitors of downtown Savannah is the African American Family monument. Found right on river street.

“Every time I go downtown I stop by and pay homage to the monument,” said Keisha Brown, a Savannah resident.

In 1959 one of the biggest slave trades occurred outside downtown Savannah; this and is known as “The Weeping Time.” Savannah has a monument that shows the 436 men, women and children sold to enslavers.
If you want to know more about the Savannah Black Heritage experience, schedule a visit, or the black history in Savannah, check out this website, The Savannah Black Heritage Experience.