Egg Shortage and Price Jacks


Timothy Dukes

Maruchan Ramen Pack

Grocery prices soar across the globe with high demand for eggs and other basic essentials. An Avian flu outbreak affected 58 million birds, resulting in a nationwide egg shortage and price inflation. “The price of eggs, the fourth most purchased grocery item in the country, soared 60 percent in December from the previous year,” writes

Photojournalist Michael M. Santiago in a Feb 10, 2023, Newsweek column. Eggs are not the only product prices on the rise. Half the world has a high demand for rice;—specifically Thai rice. High demand for rice has globally affected prices enough for the United Nations to flag the rise in rice prices as a risk, according to “Soaring Rice Price Shows Food Inflation Still Stalking the World” by Patpicha Tanakasempipat for Bloomberg.

As prices rise, students, faculty, and staff search for reasonable prices for essentials. So where are the best grocery stores along Abercorn street for reasonable prices between Publix, Aldi, and Walmart?

The best deal for a dozen eggs as of Feb 19 is Aldi. Aldi’s tower of eggs sells for 036;3.07 a dozen. There’s a sign on the fridge door apologizing for the inconvenience of inconsistent egg stock recently.

Perdue is a common chicken breast brand that can be found at Walmart, Target, and Aldi. Price varies depending on the weight and establishment it’s being sold at. On average, up to two pounds of perdue chicken breast is 036;6 to 036;12 at any establishment.

Rice is essential for longevity in the kitchen and the stomach. Rice has a two-year shelf life, according to Healthline. Rice expands in the stomach, making it easy for the Armstrong community to save money and eat a fulfilling meal. Walmarts rice is priced at 036;2.94 for 5 pounds compared to a whopping 036;4.75 for 5 pounds at Publix.

The staple college grocery item has to be Ramen. A bag of ramen is cheap with a fast cooking process for people in a rush. Plus, the tiny bag of chemicals to season the bowl of goodness.

Aldi is an option for purchasing individual bowls of ramen. They are bigger than the classic Maruchan ramen. However, the price takes a bigger hit on the wallet if quality is more important than quantity. One bowl of ramen goes for a minimum 036;2.49 at Aldi. The best deal for quantity is a 12-pack of Maruchan ramen for 036;3.68 at Walmart. Deals for essentials vary across Abercorn. In general, Walmart has the lowest prices around the corner from the Armstrong campus. Be sure to check Aldi’s website for weekly coupons to save a buck.