MONOPOLY rolls in to town


Emmalyne Roper

MONOPOLY press event at Forsyth Fountain

Hasbro Games has selected Savannah as the first city in Georgia to be transformed into a MONOPOLY board game.

What this means is that the Atlantic City tiles on the original MONOPOLY board will be replaced with more familiar places such as Forsyth Park or Madison Square.

The catch is that the Savannah community will be responsible for deciding and voting on which tiles make it to the board. To vote for your favorite location, email and participate in the selection process.

Mayor Johnson shared his excitement about the board game.

“It’s an incredible honor for the world’s greatest city, Savannah to be featured in the world’s greatest board game,” Mayor Johnson said. “It will be exciting to share Savannah’s landmarks with new generations of MONOPOLY players and to celebrate our city for years to come.”

The anticipated release is October 2023 to early November at the latest. Check our website for updates on Savannah’s happenings.