Faculty vs Student basketball game

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The University Programming Board hosted its 4th annual students vs. faculty basketball game featuring concessions, music and halftime games for viewers.

They offered pizza, snacks and drinks. “We had a pretty good turnout of students and faculty this year; the food selection is good too, we have candy, pizza and soda, thanks to the University Programming Board,” Alicia Waiters, a concession stand worker, said.

From the start of the game, the Faculty came out shooting and driving to the hole to convert baskets in the zone the students were playing.

The students started the game in a 2-3 zone. The Faculty was driving to the hole and converting on open lane layups, so they quickly switched to man.

Even with the students changing to man coverage, the faculty scored 32 points in the paint while the students were trailing 32 to 12 with four minutes and 12 seconds remaining.

The students made a change at the beginning of the second half. Instead of settling for the three-point shot, they drove to the hole and scored on layups and easy open-lane shots.

Both teams kept trading baskets until the students went on an 18 to seven run to cut the lead to nine with four minutes remaining.

The Faculty started driving to the paint, where they were fouled and converted their free throws. The Faculty Converted on the two free throws—the final score of 56 for the Faculty and 49 for the students.

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