Mergers, Samplers, and Tea

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The Writing and Linguistics and English departments will merge to create new avenues for English majors starting in fall 2023.

Last year, the writing and English faculties put together a task force to discuss the futures of the departments. “After looking at major numbers and courses, the faculty-driven task force went to the dean to talk about merging,” Dr. Beth Howells, department chair of the future English department, said.

The English department held the event ‘Get the Tea’ on March 1-2 to discuss the new degree structure. English majors will now be able to choose a concentration in literature, creative writing, or professional writing. Once students choose a path, they can now have a choice of one of six new minors to complement their major.

The six new minor options include applied linguistics, creative writing, literature, professional and technical writing, teaching writing and writing. The nuts and bolts of the operation allow the English department to personalize students’ experiences.

Previously, students were forced to choose one direction or the other. “This merger is really exciting for writing and linguistics students because it gives them a chance to explore some of the English classes they previously wouldn’t have been able to take under the Writing and Linguistics plan.” Rebecca Landers, a senior working on a major in writing and linguistics, said.

Two new classes were announced at the ‘Get the Tea’ event! English 2101 and English 4999 are the newest courses available to English majors starting in fall 2023.

English 2101 is designed to help students explore possibilities in all facets of the English department. Students get a sampler of the different options the English major has to offer. Students can make a plan in English 2101 that will circle back around to the English 4999 senior portfolio class.

The senior portfolio class will help students navigate their Georgia Southern experience to curate their future career with questions like: What did I do? What skills do I have? How has this prepared me for the next steps in my career? How do I tell people I am able to do the things I learned at Georgia Southern?

The merger is creating a natural blend of courses for students to find their career path. At the same time, students have a benchmark to be able to talk about what they have learned at Georgia Southern.

Be sure to check the English Departments page on the Georgia Southern website if you’d like to learn more about what they have to offer.