How you can use the Academic Success Center


Jake Granger

Academic Success Center

Need to do better in your classes? You aren’t alone, considering Georgia Southern has a less-than-impressive graduation rate of 49%.

But if you are looking to turn things around before it is inevitably too late, the Academic Success Center is dedicated to providing academic support for all students by fostering a positive academic mindset.

“The most important thing I believe that not only students on this campus but all college students should know is that yes, there are lots of people and resources in place to help, but at the end of the day, it falls on the student’s shoulders to reach out,” success coach Andrew Goforth said.

Located in the Student Success Complex, the ASC provides students with the opportunity for testing tips one-on-one coaching, and scholarships. That’s right, the Barbara W. Bitter Scholarship awards highly motivated applicants who are receiving a college degree. For eligibility requirements, visit the Barbara W. Bitter Scholarship Opportunity.

The ASC has a success coach for your needs, which is included in your tuition. If you are saying to yourself, “All sounds well, but I just can’t fit the time into my schedule,” the ASC’s tutoring service is available 24/7 online at

“The Academic Success Center has helped me immensely.” At first, I was skeptical of getting help, most likely due to my ego at the time, but I have grown to learn that even the highest GPAs can still use some help from time to time. “I was blessed to meet such a gracious team that cares for me like family,” Honors Program member Leah Cutts said.

Starting later is better than never. For more information, visit the Academic Success Center.