Mens Baseball Team Sweeps Series Against South Alabama

Joshua Ryans, Sports Reporter

 They open the season with a 4-way tie for first place in the Sunbelt conference 


Game Summary: In the first game, the top of the first concluded with Georgia Southern allowing one run. Luke Hatcher homered to right field bringing in 3 runs to extend the Eagle lead to 4 to end the first. South Alabama would score 2 runs in the 3rd and Eagles would match that in the 5th inning. Jarrett Brown would homer in the 6th inning brining in 3 more runs making the score 3-10. South Alabama would score 3 more runs in the 8th and 9th inning but it wouldn’t be enough as the Eagles would go on to win 10-6.



  • Jarrett Brown was 1-2 at the plate with 3 RBI
  • Luke Hatcher was 3-4 at the plate and had 3 RBI
  • Ty Fisher pitched 7 innings allowing 6 hits and 3 runs. He also had 6 strikeouts 
  • Jay Thompson picked up his 4th save on the season 


Game Summary:  In the second game of the series the Eagles maintained control for the entire game. A Jessie Sherrill single to left field in the 2nd inning put the first on the board for either team. The Eagles would score 6 straight runs from the 2nd to 4th inning. South Alabama would score one run in the 5th inning on catchers interference. In the 6th inning Sam Blancato would homer to right field bringing in 2 runs. A Sacrfice fly ball by Zane Faulk would bring one more run in during the 7th. The Eagles would score 2 more times between the 8th and 9th inning to win the game 11-1. 



  • Luke Hatcher went 3-3 at the plate bringing in 3 RBI
  • Sam Blancato went 2-3 at the plate bringing in 2 RBI
  • Ben Johnson pitched 5 innings allowing 5 hits and 1 run. He also had 4 strikeouts 
  • Gross Mitchell pitched 4 innings allowing 1 hit and 0 runs. He struckout 2 batters


Game Summary:  The last game in the series was the lowest scoring game thus far. It also proved to be the closest game in the series. Georgia Southern were first to score with a Jarrett Brown homer to right field. The Eagles would score 4 more times in the 4th before South Alabama would attempt a comeback. A sacrifice fly in the 5th inning would bring in one run for South Alabama. They score one more time and on a groundout, and in the 6th inning homer to right center field. Thomas Ross and Jay Thompson would combine for 4 strikes in the final two innings to hold off South Alabama.  



  • Jesse Sherrill went 3-4 at the plate 
  • Jarrett Brown went 2-5 at the plate bringing in 2 RBI
  • DiMola Anthony pitched 4 innings allowing 2 hits and 0 runs. He struckout 5 batters
  • Jay Thompson pitched 2.1 innings and allowed 0 hits as well as 0 runs. He struckout 3 batters