Joe Robinson Impresses at Concert in Fine Arts Auditorium


World-renowned guitarist Joe Robinson received a standing ovation from an audience of more than 100 people after his performance at the Fine Arts Hall on Wednesday night.

The Australia’s Got Talent winner performed a mix of original and cover songs using a fingerstyle technique on his guitars, a style that allows him to play the chorus, melody and bassline to be played all at once.

The night began with President Marrero introducing Robinson and thanking Fred and Dinah Gretsch for their contributions to the Fine Arts program.

Robinson transitioned between vocal and instrumental songs, using a looper pedal for many songs. This allowed Robinson to record and play a chord sequence back, then physically play his other guitar alongside the recorded sequence.

Between songs, he shared information about his upbringing and his career and offered advice to aspiring musicians.

“It was useful to watch how he kept the audience’s attention,” music industry student Jaiden Patrick said.

“Robinson’s singer-songwriter style was refreshing to see compared to the typical classical performances that are produced here,” Patrick said

These days, Robinson dedicates his time to teaching online guitar courses and live-streaming performances.

Robinson’s most recent album, The Prize, is available for streaming on multiple platforms as well as purchase on vinyl or CD.