Faces of Armstrong: Drew Foley


Jonah Krier

Drew Foley, a Music Industry major and self-taught drummer, found his rhythm after many musical endeavors.

Foley is the drummer for a local band called Weather-Eye.

“I guess to sum it up, you could say it is an alternative genre. It’s a blend of post-hardcore, punk rock and Midwest emo,” he said.

Initially a Business major on the Statesboro campus, Foley transferred to Armstrong his sophomore year to pursue a major in the music industry.

Growing up, Foley was surrounded by instruments thanks to his family and friends, which inspired his musical interest.

“It really all goes back to my uncle Jeffrey,” he said. “He always, anywhere he went, brought a guitar with him.”

Other key influences were his sister and childhood friend, both of whom played guitar, said Foley. He also credits skateboarding culture for developing his musical taste.

Foley furthered his musical talents in the middle school band and pep band. He played trombone, baritone and bass guitar.

It wasn’t until his cousin stored his drum kit at Foley’s house that he realized drumming was his true passion.

“It’s a lot more impressive than some guy shredding on a guitar,” he said.

Foley hopes that his major will prepare him for a career in the music industry, whether it be in performing, managing or producing.

Weather-Eye’s next show is on Friday, April 14th at 7:30 p.m. at The Sentient Bean.

For more information regarding upcoming shows, visit Weather-Eye’s instagram page.