Vigilante tackles skater outside of student union

Editors Note: This article is satirical and is not meant to be taken seriously.

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  • Stock photo from Unsplash

    Randy Jacbos
  • From Georgia Southern website

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A vigilante stopped a skater from ripping through period pride outside of the student union last Thursday.

A skater paid no attention when barrelling through period pride. He was heading straight toward the pizza booth with no intention of stopping—a figure dressed in all black lept from the student union balcony in broad daylight. The figure dived toward the skater like a torpedo, judo rolled the skater onto the ground, seamlessly avoiding the pizza booth.

Chatter around campus is calling the figure dressed in all black a vigilante.

Students are saying:

“Someone should have tackled the skaters forever ago,” Jeremy Price, a junior majoring in German on campus, said positively.

“Whoever the vigilante is, they did it with such grace, ” Grace Windhime, a sophomore studying biomedicine on campus, said.

“That roll was phenomenal. Watch Mcgreggor try to top that!” A student in a frenzy said out loud. Too deep into his flow of mania, reporters on site couldn’t identify him.

Although many students see the vigilante as a hero and the skater a campus catastrophe, one dual enrollment student named Wanda Brown had a different perspective…

“Everyone on campus is crazy. The skater was clearly cruising with intention. The ‘vigilante’ practiced wrestler shots by the pizza booth…The roll was not phenomenal. The skater kid is in the hospital with 4 broken vertebrae. Whoever is under the mask, they’re not okay. Godspeed Armstrong.”

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