GSU pledges to end climate change by 2050

Ahead of Sustainability Pioneers The Minimalists’ arrival to Statesboro, Georgia southern pledges to end climate change locally by 2050.

When asked about details of Southern’s climate plan Freedom the eagle replied “SQUAW.”

Statesboro’s implementation of a sustainability fee has allowed the campus to amass a whopping 45$ toward climate action after activity and speaker fees are paid out.

Sister campuses Armstrong and Liberty’s are ineligible for protection per sustainability fee policies and are anticipated to be underwater by 2030.

Students are urged to contact their SGA representative immediately to advocate for expansion of the sustainability fee across all campuses before it is too late.

Swim lessons will be offered on the Statesboro campus at a markup through Spring 2025.

University President Lyle Parrero declined to comment and redirected reporters to marketing and communication.