The Learning Commons celebrates its 10th birthday

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The Georgia Southern Libraries hosted the Learning Commons’ 10th birthday celebration on April 12.

Students who attended the event could grab some pizza and enjoy a fresh batch of lemonade or sweet tea. 

As students enjoyed their refreshments, different games and activities were there for them to partake in and socialize with one another.

“A lot of students on campus may not be aware of all the different things that we have available in the building for use or to check out,” said Lee Bareford, Head of the Learning Commons.

Students with access to an Xbox, Playstation 5 or Wii can also check out games from the learning commons. 

For those who enjoy board games, numerous board games such as Splendor, Red Flags, Blockbuster and more are available to check out while in the Learning Commons. 

“We have game nights coming up in the fall, we’re going to have a partnership with Morningstar Games, and they’ll be giving away games and raffling off stuff, also co sponsoring our gamenights,” Bareford said. 

Some students expressed that their reasons for coming to the Learning Commons was to have a nice quiet, comfortable place for them to complete assignments, socialize, or just get out of their dorms and classrooms. 

“I love the Learning Commons, it’s my oasis when I need to get away and do my work successfully,” said TheRecia Lindsey, a Georgia Southern sophomore. 

“I will say that the Learning Commons has been very resourceful for me, for studying and fellowshipping with other students on campus and also having a great connection with student leaders, faculty and staff,” said Tyrren Harris, a Georgia Southern student. 

The Learning Commons is working on developing new resources that will be available for students in the fall. 

“We’re getting a brand new Mac computer lab, all of the computers will be new as of fall semester, and we have a lot of new stuff coming out like 3d printing services, music recording equipment that can be checked out,” said Bareford. .

“The event was sponsored by the libraries across campuses, so I just like to say thank you to students for being library users,” said Bareford. 

If you would like to know more about the equipment, available board games, and video games visit- Equipment Checkout, Board Games and Video Games.