Armstrong student rising in the Savannah music scene

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SAVANNAH, Ga- Victory North featured Armstrong student Frank Cardillo and his band Little Gracie opening for The Stews.

On April 14, 2023, Little Gracie, a southern rock jam trio based in Savannah, GA, entertained a substantial crowd in a highly charged atmosphere. Frank Cardillo, a 3rd-year Criminal Justice major, is the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

Cardillo is the only original member of the band formed in 2019. As he and former band members strolled through Bonaventure Cemetery, they stumbled upon the gravestone of Little Gracie Watson, which inspired the name “Little Gracie.”

According to Cardillo, time is the biggest challenge in being a full-time college student and musician. “I tend to focus more on music, but if I have an essay due, I can’t focus on anything else.”

Although Cardillo doesn’t have a musical background, he is not deterred from his ambition; he describes music as his job. “I love these hourlong shows where you can showcase all your music, I look forward to having a show every weekend.”
During their performance, the band mixed cover songs with originals, which led to increasing engagement from the crowd as the performance progressed.

The energy and raspy vocals of Cardillo, who performed their recent EP’s lead single, “Crash of the Storm,” kept the crowd’s attention until The Stews took the stage.

The Auburn, Alabama-based band, with over 47,000 monthly Spotify listeners, played to an already energized crowd. Preston Hall, the lead singer and guitarist for The Stews, ramped up the energy by performing unreleased music and originals.

The band’s first album, “What Was” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. Little Gracie’s EP “Crash of the Storm” is also available on both platforms.

When asked where he sees himself in five years, Cardillo said, “Hopefully we’re on tour and have a big name for ourselves.”

Little Gracie can be found on Instagram @little_gracie_912 and for information on The Stews you can visit their website.