Armstrong Police Deputy Performs at Drag Show


Cooper Ownbey

Deputy McBride performing to Lady Marmalade

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and University Housing hosted a drag show in Armstrong’s Student Union Ballroom on Monday, April 17.

Before the event, Georgia Southern students were allowed to vote for a staff member who they wanted to perform in the show. Of the candidates, the majority vote went to Tyrone Johnson McBride Jr., Armstrong’s Deputy Chief of Police.

Deputy McBride performed Christina Aguilera’s Lady Marmalade, featuring a flapper headband and bright yellow feather boa.

First City Pride Center performers Jordan Sophia Alexander, Cheyenne Moon, Glam Starr Nicole and Alexis Storm were all featured in the show, which was also facilitated by DJ Shade.

In a panel following the acts, some performers delved into what got them into drag. Glam Starr Nicole detailed her upbringing in Charleston, South Carolina. “I always knew that I needed to be in charge, and I needed to be beautiful no matter what I did.”

Upon an audience member asking the panelists what they’d be doing if they weren’t involved with drag, Deputy McBride jokingly responded, “I told my wife, I said, ‘I might be discovered tonight, and then I’ll have to leave y’all… for the money.”

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