What Armstrong students will be doing this summer


Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

With the end of the school year approaching as students finish final exams, papers and projects, we know one thing is resting in the back of everyone’s minds: summer break. This is what Armstrong students have planned for their well-deserved vacation.

“This summer I’m going to be working, but I’m also going to New York,” said Allie Luna, a Music Industry major. “And hopefully I’ll be writing music.”

Michael Byers, another Music Industry major, said he hopes to publish some of his pieces this summer. To earn money, he is going to be working at Riverboat Pizza.

“So the first part of the summer I’m going to be traveling to Belize for a study abroad program called Therapy Abroad where we’ll be going and doing speech therapy with the children there, ages three to 12,” Lindsey Breaux said. “And then the second half of the summer I’ll be working as a lifeguard.”

Freshman Mitchell Madison said he will be working at the Savannah Theatre this summer as well as writing and performing songs with different bands.

“This summer I’m going to New York,” Katie Peck said of her summer plans. “My whole family lives there. And I’m doing a combination of working for my family and just visiting touristy places in New York.”

Peck added that she would also visit the Dominican Republic and Universal Studios.

“This summer I am working full-time, taking three summer classes, going to Alaska and the Dominican Republic,” Gracelyn Fernandez said. She may also visit Universal Studios.

If you’re staying in Savannah this summer and unsure what to do, here is a list of not-too-touristy things Savannah has to offer.