Take a Ride to the School Bus Graveyard

Noelle Walker

Nicknamed “The School Bus Graveyard,”Alonzo Wade Junk Yard is a piece of property that has school buses forming a “wall” around a junkyard. On the exterior, artists like Crispy Printz have painted the buses, turning the old vehicles into pieces of artwork. 

The School Bus Graveyard’s Facebook page says, “Anyone is welcome at any time to walk around the outside perimeter of the buses, that is open to the public at all times (the line of buses you can see from Hwy. 365)…Please call 706-778-6400 between the hours of 8:00 am thru 3:30 pm EST to get permission to see the buses.”

Their Facebook page also has an alternate phone number in case you are not able to contact that one within those times. Another option the Facebook page offers is to “go to the white house with the green metal roof to ask for permission and we will tell you how to get to the buses for taking photos.”

Each bus or car features a different, creative design on the outside. According to Crispy Printz’s “school bus graveyard” page on its website, “Once a year, [they] invite a variety of artists to come and create in this salvage wonderland.” If you’re interested in joining this team of artists, information is provided on Crispy Printz’s website.

While you can go inside the junkyard to photograph and explore, it will cost $20 per person. The outside of the junkyard (featuring the outside of the buses), however, is free.

They stress heavily to be mindful of their property; this means don’t climb, break, or mess with the buses. The legal disclosures are on their Facebook page.

The School Bus Graveyard is located at Alonzo Wade Rd, Alto, GA 30510.  If you’re interested in donating, Crispy Printz’s website has a donate option under the “school bus graveyard” tab.



All photos are courtesy of Noelle Walker.