Men’s basketball to host Tennessee Wesleyan Saturday

Andrew Weimer

Georgia Southern’s men’s basketball is set to host the Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs at Hanner Fieldhouse at 5 p.m. on Saturday.


Georgia Southern came out to a hot start, starting out 5-0, including an impressive win against ACC matchup, Wake Forest. During those span of games, they averaged 86.8 points per game. However, the Eagles are now on a two game losing streak, only scoring 62 points per game in their showings.

Both of those losses were on the road, with one being an away game and the other being a neutral site. This speaks well for Georgia Southern, as they are playing well at home and hope to continue a current two game home win streak.


Tennessee Wesleyan has lost five of their last six games, although they are scoring a respectable 76.3 points per game during that stretch. The bulldogs seem to struggle on defense, especially during away games.

The Bulldogs’ offense is nothing to play around with, so the Eagles will go out hoping to have a solid shooting game to go along with a proven consistent defense.

Experts Pick

The ESPN analysts (according to the ESPN Live sports and scores app) predict that Georgia Southern has a 99.7 percent chance of winning. Although the analysts predict this, the Eagles should not underestimate the Bulldogs’ offense, although if Georgia Southern’s defense lives up to its potential, then they should come out with a win.