Secular Student Alliance

Photo: Caitlyn Oliver

Photo: Caitlyn Oliver

Jada Meadows

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The Secular Student Alliance has a booth at the Russell Union Rotunda today until 2 p.m.

“Our main purpose is to keep religion and government separate,” Wesley Taylor, freshman justice studies major, said.

The SSA is selling car decals for $3 to raise money for trips and conventions, like ReasonCon.

“ReasonCon is where people talk about the separation of church and state and stuff going on around the world. We also want to go to Savannah to recreate an experiment from YouTube where we raise money as if we’re with a Christian group versus atheist and gauge peoples’ responses,” Carnes said.

The SSA supports local charities like the Ronald McDonald House and the women’s shelter in Savannah.

Trey Carnes, junior political science major, said, “We’re also trying to raise awareness for Ask an Atheist day, which is next Wednesday.

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