Southern Pride’s ensemble is preparing for the upcoming football season

Ashley Jones

The Southern Pride marching band is preparing for the upcoming football season through ensemble auditions, which are quickly approaching.

The ensemble auditions will be April 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Recreation Activity Center Auxiliary Gym.

The Southern Pride Marching band is known for its astounding musical selection during the football game’s halftime shows. However, it’s the marching band’s ensemble team that makes the show worth watching.

The ensemble team adds visual to the band’s performance with an array of flags accompanied by a self-taught dance routine.

David Singleton, ensemble team veteran, describes the audition process for the team.

“Not every spot is guaranteed,” Singleton, Sophomore, pre-journalism major, said. “You go in and meet the director, the band director, and another [DCI] Judge. You have about an hour and a half to learn the flag routine and dance,” he added.

According to Singleton, the ensemble team auditions this year will be a little different than usual. In previous years, a candidate for the team would have to wait almost two weeks before being notified if they made the team or not. This year potential members will be notified immediately after auditioning.

After being selected for the team, members begin preparing for the upcoming season by holding practices during the summer. During band camp practices for the ensemble last all day starting at 8 a.m. and running until 8 p.m.

All the hard work each member gives in each practice pays off during the Thursday and Friday night performances.

The ensemble team also performs in competitions during the winter season.

“During the winter season, we do a thing called winter guard. It’s basically like a dance competition, but with flags,” Singleton said.

According to Singleton, the team operates off of a big and little system to help make communicating within the team easier.

“If you can’t get to the captain then you go to your big, who’s usually a veteran on the team, so they can answer all of your questions,” Singleton said.