Your View: GS Announces Plan to Merge With Armstrong State

Yasmeen Waliaga

If you are not ready to realize the grim realities of classes beginning and haven’t checked your GS e-mail in an attempt to ignore that reality, you may not know about a big change our University will soon undergo.

A message to all students on Wednesday from the Dean of Students entailed a plan approved by The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents for Georgia Southern University to merge with Armstrong State University.

Armstrong State University is located in Savannah, Ga while Georgia Southern University is obviously located in this subtle, quaint, yet action-packed, state-renown town of Statesboro, Ga. Before you panic, don’t worry.

Our campus will remain, because, you know, it represents everything great about a South Georgia college town. But it is important for us students to know what this effort means. This will mostly affect current freshman and sophomores.

This consolidation will take about 18 months and according to the message we received upon the plan’s approval, will combine the best of both universities. Georgia Southern University’s name will remain and the university’s president will maintain that role over both campuses.

The message states, “With more than 27,000 students, Georgia Southern will be the fourth largest public university in Georgia.”

Many advocates have pushed for this, saying that the combination of these two schools will create opportunities for expanding their health care and engineering programs. In addition, several students who commute from Savannah and surrounding areas have shown excitement for the merge.

With this news being so fresh, there has not yet been much discussion regarding the pros and cons and other contributing factors to the decision.

As with any large transformation, there are several opinions and stances towards the consolidation so it is essential to allow GS students to share their thoughts.

How do you feel about GS merging with Armstrong State?

Jakayla Mack, sophomore pre-nursing major

“I disagree with the merger because Armstrong and Georgia Southern are too far apart.”

Nicholas Markowich, freshman chemistry major

“I mean I would assume its good unless of course some social issues happen, things happen when you’re merging two universities I suppose.”

Marcus Fite, Freshman pre-nursing

“I think it’s great. It’d be great to consolidate the schools, probably be a lot cheaper for us.”

Joshua Sullivan, Sophomore electrical engineering major

“I mean I’m kind of excited about it because actually my god brother goes there so it would be cool that we ‘bout to be alumni at the same school.”

Abby Hutcheson, Freshman theatre major

“I guess I don’t really understand why, like, they are an hour apart… like i’m from Savannah and there’s so many other colleges so I don’t get it but I guess I mean if I’m not affected I don’t really care”

Cat Wyatt, Freshman theatre major

“As long as it doesn’t affect my classes, I don’t have a problem with it”

Photos by Mick Miller.