Eagles lead Arkansas State at half, 13-10

Hayden Boudreaux


Georgia Southern- 13

Arkansas State- 10

1st Quarter

ARK- Two pass plays put the Red Wolves deep into Eagle territory. The first run play for Arkansas State resulted in a fumble which the Eagles recovered.

GASO- Offense is held to a three and out.

ARK- The first handoff is mismanaged and the ball hits the turf again. Eagles recover.

GASO- A failed fourth down conversion resulted in a turnover.

ARK- The Red Wolves suffered another fumble but were able to fall on it. The drive would end in a three and out.

GASO- A holding call put the Eagle offense far from the first down marker and they failed to pick up a first down.

ARK- Missed passes resulted in a three and out.

GASO- The first play of the drive was a give to L.A Ramsby who took a run up the middle for a 61-yard touchdown. 7-0 5:17 remaining.

ARK- After grinding out big plays on the ground to get into a red zone, they threw a pick to the Eagles for the third turnover of the game.

GASO- Three and out

2nd Quarter

ARK- Two run plays put the offense inside the red zone. The drive would end with a short field goal. 7-3 14:56 remaining.

GASO- Three straight first downs put the Eagles in a position to let Koo hit a 32-yard field goal. 10-3, 9:35 remaining.

ARK- After starting the drive on their own three-yard line, the offense drove the length of the field and scored their first touchdown to tie things up. 10-10, 3:29 remaining.

GASO- A quick start gave the Eagles the ball and allowed Koo knocked down a career high 53-yard field goal. 13-10 1:30 remaining.

ARK- Three runs to kill the clock.