We asked, you responded – Part Four

Abby Fuller

STATESBORO — On Friday, The George-Anne sent out a Google form to the Georgia Southern campus community for your thoughts. We asked, “What are your thoughts on the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd?”

Since then, we have received more than 100 responses from students, faculty, staff and university leadership.

This is the fourth installment in a series of articles that will include the comments we receive. All quotes listed below are copied directly from the response forms. Each part will include 20 responses.

We encourage students, faculty, staff and university leadership to continue to send their thoughts about recent events through the Google form. A Georgia Southern University email address is required to access the form.

Part Four

“They are horrible. Both incidents should be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate parties should be charged. Neither Arbery or Floyd should have lost their lives.”

“Totally unjust. Perpetrators need to be punished to the full extent of the law. Things like this must never, ever happen again.”

“It broke my heart, both news stories made me cry. This is a sad, scary world right now. It is times like these when we should join together to take care of one another and spread love and hope all around, not spreading negativity with violence. I will participating in the march for George Floyd in savannah, ga. This needs to end, ugly traits make for an ugly person and I don’t like what I see when it comes to my country. we are better than this. My heart goes out the families of Arbery and Floyd and the other lives who’s been taken this way. Arbery and Floyd were not the first and my gut tells me that this isn’t the end.”

“I am honestly really shaken by the deaths of these two people. I’m hoping that all of the protests happening around the country will help us to move forward as a society in getting justice for those who have suffered from police brutality. I want to see a major change in how situations involving black lives are handled. I want them to be treated as equals and to be given the attention they deserve. They have fought tirelessly for decades for equality, and it’s so sad to see that today we still haven’t seen much improvement. I’m really happy to see so many different races coming together to support the black lives matter movement, and I hope we can continue to become more and more inclusive when fighting these battles.”

“There continues to be no excuse for the abusive oppressive and torture of People of Color in this country. I am disgusted by the government, disgusted by many of my own peers, and disgusted by the systems we continue to maintain, all for ignoring these clear as day truths. Whatever my thoughts are at any particular time change, but I know that if we cannot effectuate real, sustainable, systemic change, we are all doomed.”

“It is a tragedy it I remain hopeful. The racism and abuse black people face from law enforcement has become too normal in today’s society and I hope the outcome of all of this outrage will be a change for good. In the past there have been martyrs such as Emmett Till and Martin Luther King Jr. whose deaths have lead to a greater discussion and change. I hope things will get better and people will remember the names of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery as the catalyst of greater change.”

“they were both murdered by white men, they were traumatizing and senseless”

“Not hip or hop”

“I’m horrified that this keeps happening. That after all this time, our nation has still not made enough progress where people can truly be equal. It is so sad that any person has to live in fear, fear of doing even the simplest of things. Human beings should not be defined by what is on the outside, but of our true character and still it goes on where that isn’t the case. While it helps for me to recognize the privileges I have, I still wish I could do more. In the meantime, I try to live my life as an example and raise my children to treat everyone equally and to recognize the advantages they also share.”

“This is unacceptable and seeing cases like this happen almost every year is hard because that could have been me or someone I know. This shouldn’t be a thing that happens almost every year. It’s frusting seeing people of colour not getting justice. The killings and inequality has to stop in this country, we the people have to be aware that our nation has a problem.”

“I am very concerned I am a African American male who has some worries about the recent incident that has taken place. I am a father and grandfather of sons and it worries me to know that we are often a target in this day and time.”

“Unfairness and no justice for people of color.”

“we need peace and prayer stop killing each other”

“It is still unbelievable that us African Americans still have to be victims of systemic racism. Many people opposing these protests have never personally been through this, black and nonblack, so it makes them easier to not to sympathize. We watched an unarmed black man be suffocated to death for “resisting arrest” and that officer isn’t even charged with a life sentence and the others involved aren’t even sentenced yet. This is an outrage and the only way people pay attention is if buildings are burned down because when black people are killed unjustly, many peaceful protests went unheard. Many peaceful protesters were still beaten to the ground so why not burn property it’s not like they are killing white people just because to make a point.”

“We need to stop all of the senseless killings.”

“I am sadden by all of this as a mother of an African american son I fear for him everyday when he walks out my house. I feel as though the odds are already against him because of the color of his skin. I pray for him as well as my husband daily.”

“I think in both cases the self proclaimed superiority complex was in effect in which both person(s) acted knowing that whatever the consequences were, it would be in their favor based on previous outcomes of related acts of violence concerning Afro-Americans and other minorities. This confidence was always embedded in the minds of a lot of people and seem to be enhanced with the new leadership in the White House.”

“I think these deaths are tragedies and are spreading a much needed light on a topic that I think many white people dont understand or even realize is happening. I think it opens the opportunity (although its terrible that this is the reason) to civally provide an open communication to letting people understand.”

“As these two cases were different in a way, Arbery was killed by a civilian and Floyd by a cop they are both tied to violence. I would like to take color, gender, and race out of the situation no matter what no person man or woman should be hunted down and killed, no person should be put into a death choke until they pass out and die.

I understand protesting but destroying properties and looting does not help the situation it only confirms what people think of them. Their protests are in vain because there are people out there that always ruin it for others. Whenever there is violence it is never a good thing, two wrongs don’t make it right.

I think this nation needs to heal, they need to treat each other like they would treat themselves and their families. This all goes to the root, having a strong belief system.  Being a good person, do good to others, helping others that is what will turn this around. Hate will not it only brings death.”

“I am deeply hurt and disgusted at the constant violence against men and women of color.”

Abby Fuller, Daily Managing Editor, gaeditor@georgiasouthern.edu