Eagles trail at half to ULM, 14-10

Hayden Boudreaux


Georgia Southern: 10

UL Monroe: 14

1st Quarter:

–          ULM:Warhawks picked up a first down on a big 15-yard pass to open the drive. A sack from William Bussey ended the drive at midfield.

–          GASO: Upshaw led his Eagles out for the first drive but would be stalled after three run plays.

–          ULM: Monroe started the drive at midfield after the Eagle punt and started working down the short field. A burst up the middle for a first down was followed by a 32-yard screen pass for the first touchdown of the day. 7-0 10:26.

–          GASO: Ellison took the reins on the next drive and handed to Breida for a twelve yard first down.The Eagle offense moved backwards on the next set of downs and was forced to punt.

–          ULM: The Warhawks failed to move the chains and punted back to the Eagles.

–          GASO: Upshaw checked back into the game but the offense could not pick up a first down.

–          ULM: Warhawks pick up a 65-yard pass on the first play of the drive to put them inside the 10-yard line. A QB run would add another score for the Warhawks. 14-0 2:39.

–          GASO: Ramsby checked into the game at running back and picked up 36 yards on three consecutive carries. Breida and the passing game kept the offense moving into the redzone. Ellison was able to scamper in for the first Eagle touchdown. 14-7 :07.

2nd Quarter:

–          ULM: An early third down conversion gave the Warhawks the ball in Eagle territory. They couldn’t keep their drive alive but they were able to pin their opposition to a start at the one-yard line.

–          GASO: Breida busted through the middle of the line to get his offense out of the danger zone. Upshaw was able to convert a third and long but the Eagles would get stalled at their own 32-yard line.

–          ULM: The Warhawks were stalled and couldn’t pick up a first down.

–          GASO: Faced with a third and long Upshaw dropped back and hit Johnson streaking down the sideline for a big first down. The Eagles faced a fourth and 10 but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the offense another chance. A 32- yard field goal from Koo would end the drive. 14-10 3:58.

–          ULM: UL Monroe went out to pick up some points before the half but threw an interception to Eagle linebacker Ukeme Eligwe for the first pick of his career.

–          GASO: The Eagles were unable to move the ball on the drive and were forced to punt it away.

–          ULM: The Warhawks picked up a quick first down on a 12-yard pass to start the drive. Another first down put them into Eagle territory. The Eagle defense held strong and was able to force a punt to end the half.