Eagles trail at half, 35-17

Hayden Boudreaux


Georgia Southern: 17

Western Michigan: 35


1st Quarter

WMU: The Eagle defense was firing on all cylinders and forced the Broncos to a three and out.

GASO: Ellison and the Eagle offense weren’t able to pick up the first down and had to punt it away.

WMU: The Bronco QB was the first to move the chains with a ten yard run to cross midfield. They continued to march downfield to set up a short touchdown run for the Broncos. 7-0, 7:36

GASO: Upshaw came in at QB and completed a first down pass on an early third down. Upshaw would take to the air again on a touch pass to Wesley Fields for a 44-yard touchdown. 7-7, 4:02

2nd Quarter

WMU: A big completion for the Broncos put them into Eagle territory early in the drive. They were able to convert on fourth down to get into field goal range. They ended up throwing for a touchdown pass from 37 yards out. 14-7, 14:52

GASO: Upshaw had early success with a first down pass to Miles Campbell. The Eagles worked deep into Bronco territory to set up a 35-yard field goal from Koo. 14-10, 10:27

WMU: Western Michigan was able return the Eagle kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown. 21-10, 10:14

GASO: Fields was dropped for a six-yard loss on the first play of the drive which was followed by a blocked pitch and recovery by WMU.

WMU: After converting on fourth and short the Broncos were able to complete another pass into the end zone for another score. 28-10, 7:52

GASO: Ellison took back to the field and picked up a couple first downs for the Eagles. A pass interference on the Broncos helped keep the drive alive and they capitalized with a huge touchdown pass from Upshaw to Campbell. 28-17, 3:10

WMU: A 30-yard pass put the Broncos across midfield. Another long pass put the Broncos back into the end zone for the score. 35-17, 1:35

GASO: Three straight runs couldn’t pick up the first down for the Eagle offense and they were forced to punt.

WMU: The punt put the Broncos in Eagle territory with less than a minute in the half. Three straight incompletions ended the half.