From the gridiron to the studio

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Chris Smith

Georgia Southern is home to many talented students who are gifted in the arts, academics, music and sports. There are many students who are gifted in multiple areas. Two of those special types of students play on the GS Football team.

Christian Williams, also known by his stage name CWILL, is an offensive lineman for GS, but off the field, he is an aspiring rapper.

Williams and his fellow teammate Robert Brice, aka Two5ive, are joining forces to bring a musical masterpiece that GS has never experienced before. Williams and Brice decided that they wanted to create a mixtape featuring the top 27 artists at the university and make it available on the popular mixtape application Spinrilla.

“We started learning about other artists here at Georgia Southern, so we were like what’s the best way to meet all of these people. Another big thing is for us to network with them. Everyone on the mixtape will have a chance to broaden their fan base,” Williams said.

Williams and Brice are the artists behind the Eagle’s song “Paulson Party”, which was played at the Georgia State game and at the GoDaddy Bowl. Within 24 hours of releasing “Paulson Party”, it received 5,000 views on soundcloud. “Paulson Party” is the not the typical sound you will hear from these two artists. They generally make songs that deal with real world problems and songs that are motivational.

“Making party songs is not how you get true fans. When you first make a party song everyone is going to like it, but if I don’t make another one than I lost them. When you start making conscious songs, you start touching people in ways where your songs can help them get through the day,” Brice said.

Artist such as J. Cole, Kanye West, Outkast and Lil Wayne have influenced Williams and Brice. These two have started going out to poetry events and music events performing and recruiting people to be part of the mixtape. There is no official title for the mixtape, because they want the input of every singer and rapper involved in the production of the mixtape before deciding on a name.