GSU molded my life

Skyler Black

There are these periods of time when I’m working, writing or doing absolutely nothing when I have miniature realizations. A good portion of these mean absolutely nothing. But every so often, one hits me so hard that I have to catch my breath. I have been at Georgia Southern for four years now and I’m inching toward graduation with each passing day. The thing is, I’m actually pretty damn terrified of leaving this community that I’ve called my home during some of the most amazing years of my life.

When I first came into college, I was a lost, little freshman transition from not having to try at all into busting it to hopefully get a decent grade. By the time that I finished my first full semester here, I had an awakening of how to approach the rest of my career in school. Students around me have become something important to me. Each of them driving me forward to another milestone in my life. I’ve met my best friends, favorite people and some of the weirdest professors that have changed me in a way that I cannot explain. I’m at a stage of life where I really can’t imagine my life without the people and community of GSU. There was never a moment when I believed that I’d be someone that’ll actually miss this little town. But my experiences with organizations, events and classes have shaped me in such a beautifully, wonderful way that I know that when I finally leave the Boro it’ll be a bittersweet goodbye. I’ve found my mentors, my inspirations and the love of my life in a town of almost entirely college students.

Some of the students around me are itching to move to the next stage of their life. I’m just terrified that I’ll never find the same connection to individuals that I’ve made here. People are looking at college students and saying that we are adults now and we are prepared for the world outside of the cobblestone walkways and Southern hospitality. But I have never been one to know what the hell I’m going to do and how i’m going to do it. What I’ve decided to do, and what I urge all of you reading to do, is jump in with both feet. Don’t be held back by the fear of the unknown and embrace whatever is coming next.