DJ Fullmer

Today’s word of the day is “microaggression”, which is a very simple term for when someone makes an offhanded comment toward you, whether it be about your race, sex, or appearance. Examples being handed ranch instead of the desired salad dressing you wanted, an off handed compliment that may be too specific, or just a random comment that makes you feel a certain type of way. Now, these injustices must be stopped, and the only logical solution is to implement a payment mechanism for the people having the comments made toward them.

There should be a small fee transferred between the two parties in order to show that the person has hurt the other, except the one “offended” should be the one paying. The aggressor is the true victim when they are called out for this “micro attacks.” How is it fair for the person to attack a human being for making a comment not totally thought out? So there needs to be money exchanged between the two individuals in order for the aggressor to get compensated for the social outcries that are now inflicted on their lives. If it is a one time occurrence, it is simply a $0.99 exchange through various apps like VenMo, SnapChat, and Facebook Messenger. However, if the commentator continues to berate anyone that dares come at them with a statement that could be perceived in any way racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, and/or ableist (all of which are very serious issues). They will required to start a monthly fee of $8.99 in order to save their bank account the trouble of being overdrawn.

A side solution to this payment is not to be offended by every little comment toward one’s ethnicity on a day to day basis. Micro-aggression focuses on the itty bitty comments toward a person or their children. There are many cases of very serious instances of microaggression, except that is not microaggression. That is called racism. There is nothing micro about asking a Latio if they are legal or not, that’s just racist. However our millennial generation has decided to create a term for any type of phrase that could be pertained offensive in any type of light. So now we have two options either learn to be more easy going or start paying these microtransactions in order for these victims to learn how they are affecting everyone’s lives.

I will apart of this solution as well, since I am just a Irish white kid named Darrell, Darrel, Daryl? It doesn’t matter because I definitely have never walked into a room and had people tell me they were expecting two very different types of people.