Falcons lead Eagles at halftime of GoDaddy Bowl

Hayden Boudreaux

1st Quarter

–          BGSU picks up a first down but is forced to punt on their next set of downs.

–          GASO picks up several first downs using the run game to set up a 9 play, 78 yard drive for the first score of the night. Eagles lead 7-0 with 8:52 remaining.  

–          BGSU faced a fourth and one and on a broken play completed a 45 yard pass to the end zone for their first score of the night, kick was blocked and returned by Dobson. Eagles lead 9-6 with 7:29 remaining.

–          GASO starts with great field position but is forced to punt after six plays.

–          BGSU begins inside their five yard line and are able to pick up one first down before punting.

–          GASO is held to a three and out only 42 yards from the end zone.

–          BGSU hustles down the field and is helped out by an unnecessary roughness penalty on the way to a 15 yard touchdown. The Falcons led with 0:33 remaining in the first quarter, 13-9.

2nd Quarter

–          GASO picked up one first down but was forced to punt from their own territory.

–          BGSU scores on their first play of the drive with a 51 yard touchdown pass. Falcons lead 20-9 with 11:42 remaining in the half.

–          GASO opens the drive with a 43 yard run from Breida and finish with a 27 yard touchdown run from Fields after converting on fourth and short. Eagles still trail 20-16 with 7:53 remaining.

–          BGSU was held to a three and out from their own 20 yard line but with the wind at his back the Falcon punter got off a 72 yarder for a GoDaddy Bowl record and pinned the Eagles inside the 20 yard line.

–          GASO goes on an 11 play 92 yard drive that eats up five minutes of clock which ends in Ellison throwing a 31 yard touchdown pass to Crockett on fourth down and five. Eagles lead 23-20 with 1:22 remaining.

–          BGSU responds quickly with a 52 yard run into Eagle territory and finished it off with a short plunge into the endzone to take back the lead. Falcons led 27-23 with 0:36 remaining.