First Half Recap

Hayden Boudreaux

1st Quarter

–          Panthers start their drive from their own ten yard line, they drove down the field slowly with the passing game and convert three third downs. An errant pass over the middle is picked off by Eagle safety Matt Dobson.

–          Eagles start off at midfield, but a holding call gives them a long first down. The Eagles are held to a three and out on their first drive.

–          Panthers start from their own nine yard line and are held to a three and out, punting out of their own endzone.

–          Eagles are held to another three and out at midfield.

–          Panthers pick up one first down on the drive but are forced to punt.

–          Eagles pick up their first conversion of the game, but are held to a punt on the next set of downs

2nd Quarter

–          Panthers struggle to get the drive going, but then hook up on a 63 yard touchdown pass to give them the lead, 7-0 with 14:07 remaining.

–          Eagles work the ball down the field and are helped out by two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from Georgia State. The drive ends with a one yard plunge into the end zone by Ramsby to tie the game, 7-7 with 10:32 remaining.

–          Panther drive is brought to a halt after a huge nine yard sack from Ryan George and Georgia State is forced to punt after a three and out.

–          Eagles convert a fourth down early to keep their drive alive, a big completion from Ellison to Johnson set up a 37 yard field goal attempt that was missed by Koo.

–          Panthers held to a three and out from their own 24 yard line.

–          Eagles get help on third down by a defensive holding penalty. Ellison fires a 20 yard completion to the 28 yard line. Both teams are called for unsportsmanlike conduct, which results in a Panther corner being ejected. The drive ends with an interception from Ellison which is followed by a fifth unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the Panthers.