Rock and Roll Marathon Officials Deny Issues With Water

Gabe Thomas

Officials for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Savannah are denying rumors that the race did not have enough water and that the water was contaminated, the Savannah Morning News is reporting.

The rumors started to surface after two runners died following the race Saturday November 7th. Race official Dan Cruz told the Savannah Morning news that the reports were investigated, but no evidence was found to support them.

Conditions November 7th were less than ideal for marathon running. Temperatures surpassing 80 degrees along with severe humidity caused the heat index to soar. According to WTOC, the temperatures were 30 degrees higher than normal for the race.

The deaths of two runners were not the only health issues that occurred during or after the race. Dozens of runners reported dehydration with 17 runners having been transported to the hospital with severe dehydration.

The race was diverted by race officials due to the health risks posed by the heat.