#DBTG changes the face of alcohol awareness

Meg Elwood

Club Remix is part of the week-long “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl” alcohol awareness event, created through the collaboration of the University Wellness Program and the Health Services: Department of Health Education.

Health Department graduate assistant, Songsarae Harley describes “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl”, also known as DBTG, as “a comprehensive alcohol prevention program aimed at educating students on alcohol consumption and the risk factors associated with drinking alcohol.”

“The program has two main goals,” said Harley, “to give alternatives for students who are underage or prefer not to drink and to provide awareness on safe partying and alcohol responsibility for those that do [drink].”

Oh man, another alcohol awareness thing?

Hey, it’s important. It could save someone’s life, or even your own. No one wants to see a great party become too rachet and end up with 911 on the line. That kind of stuff sticks with you. It’s also important to know when they say “prevention” it’s about stopping harmful occurrences from happening due to drinking, not to stop people everywhere from drinking at any point in their lives.

“Alcohol awareness is essential component for any comprehensive approach to alcohol prevention. Most people who consume alcohol experience few problems as a result of their drinking. For some students, alcohol consumption is associated with harmful health and social consequences, largely as a result of their drinking,” said Harley.

Club Remix is the fourth event for DBTG week and is a perfect way to get over that “hump-day” on Wednesday, Oct. 28. The Halloween themed party will be in full swing from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Nessmith-Lane Conference Center. It will include popular music by DJ Nino, free food, mocktails and tons of giveaways.

Best of all, there will be no cover charge. The event is completely free to all students, faculty and staff.