Eagles vs. NMSU Half-time

Hayden Boudreaux

Captains: Breida, Andy Kwon, Ironhead Gallon, Darrien Foreman

1st Quarter:

–          Aggies pick up a long run on their first drive but are stopped and forced to punt due to a big sack from Antwione Williams.

–          Eagles pick up two quick first downs on the ground but are forced to punt from midfield.

–          Aggie punter hit his own player with the ball and gives away great field position

–          Wesley Fields runs into the end zone from 20 yards out. Eagles 7-0, 7:23 remaining.

–          Eagles go on a 6 play 62 yard drive that ends in a 20 yard TD run from Breida. Eagles 14-0, 3:23 remaining

2nd Quarter:

–          Both sides fail to move the ball on their first drives

–          Kevin Ellison scampers 67 yards for the longest run of his career. Eagles 21-0, 10:18 remaining.

–          Eagles work the ball down the field and finish with a 23 yard touchdown run from Ramsby. Eagles 28-0, 5:18 remaining.

–          Aggies pick up a 62 yard pass play the sets them up for a short three yard touchdown pass. Eagles lead 28-7 with 3:53 remaining.

–          Eagles answer with a 60 yard TD pass from Ellison to Fields. Eagles lead 35-7, 2:35 remaining.

–          Aggies move the ball swiftly through the air but end the drive with a missed 43 yard field goal.