Bash in the ‘Boro puts Eagles at 4-6; Chevalier has a big weekend at home

Derik Wuchte

Bash in the ‘Boro ended in a 1-2 result for the Eagles. The team found a decisive win against Chicago State, but was unable win to against Tennessee State and Winthrop. Redshirt Sophomore Megan Chevalier had an incredible weekend, putting up 50 kills over the two days.

The Eagles played Tennessee State and Winthrop on Friday. In the fourth set of both matches, the games were tied with only a few points left. Both games ended the same way, however: the Eagles could not clutch out the victory.

It was a series of familiar situations leading to their two defeats on Friday. They were able to take the first set in both matches, but went on to lose by a final score of 1-3. There were a lot of momentum shifts in the second and third sets. When the Eagles couldn’t capitalize on them, they found themselves slowly falling behind.

Chevalier’s 10 kills against Tennessee State and 13 kills against Winthrop made her the leader in stats for the day. Sophomore Ashley Jones followed with 8 kills when the team faced Tennessee State. Freshman Stephanie Spencer and Sophomore Cathrine Murray racked up seven kills. In the Winthrop match, Redshirt Junior Katie Bange managed to get 10 kills while Spencer earned eight. Redshirt Junior Crysten Curry had six kills.

Chicago State was a much better match for the Eagles on Saturday. The team shrugged off whatever hesitancy they had the day before and beat Chicago State 3-1.

Chevalier virtually carried the Eagles on the day with her 27 kills. Spencer got 12 kills, Jones earned 10 kills and Freshman Lauren Reichard had 7 kills.

The team looked very sure of themselves that morning. When Chicago State started playing down, the Eagles knew to keep pressing. A 25-16 winning second set for the Eagles and a 25-17 winning fourth set proved how fired up the Eagles were that day. It was a methodical performance of offense and defense that led the Eagles to victory. Everyone on the court played up to their potential and there were no doubts in how the team executed.

Georgia Southern will be busy this week as the team hosts Savannah State at home, in Hanner, on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. Volleyball will continue competition play on the weekend as they take on Little Rock and the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Friday, Sept. 18 and Saturday, Sept. 19, respectively. Both games will be at home with Little Rock being at 6:30 p.m. and ULM being at 1 p.m.