Ga Southern vs. Western Michigan halftime breakdown

Hayden Boudreaux

Captains: Matt Dobson, Antwione Williams, Derek Keaton, Ryan Longoria

1st Quarter

–          Broncos drive down the field from their own 9 yard line. Finish with 43 yard FG. WMU 3 GASO 0, 7:30 1Q

–          32 yard burst by Matt Breida to start the Eagle drive.

–          Eagles fail to convert on fourth down.

–          Broncos are held to a three and out, punt to GASO.

–          Wesley Fields picks up 60 yards on two runs for the Eagles.

–          Breida 9 yard touchdown run. GASO 7 WMU 3, 3:21 1Q

–          WMU gets one first down, then forced to punt.

2nd Quarter

–          Eagles held to a three and out.

–          Broncos held to a three and out.

–          Punt snapped over Bronco punter’s head results in a safety. GASO 9 WMU 3, 11:10 2Q

–          Eagles drive down the field on the back of Ramsby and Upshaw/

–          Breida scores on a four yard plunge. GASO 16 WMU 3, 5:06 2Q

–          Broncos throw interception to Antonio Glover.

–          Breida runs for a 34 yard touchdown. GASO 23 WMU 3, 3:38 2Q

–          Broncos drive down the field and score on a nine yard pass. Extra point missed. GASO 23 WMU 9, :28 2Q

Halftime Quick Stats:

Eagles have rushed for 205 yards on 24 carries.

Rushing yards:

Matt Breida: 6 carries for 92 yards, 3 touchdowns

Wesley Fields: 2 carries for 60 yards

Favian Upshaw: 10 carries for 39 yards

L.A. Ramsby 5 carries for 26 yards